Tel. 01763 83 83 11
12 Heydon Road
Great Chishill
Royston, Herts

Computer Services for Home and Small Business Users

One of the areas that has grown considerably over the last few years is that of support for PC users in their own homes.

I am prepared to visit people in their homes within a nominal radius of about 30 miles from Cambridge or Royston. Even if you are outside of this area, it might still be worth giving me a call for impartial help or advice.

Typically I help people of all ages, in the following areas

  • Impartial advice on the purchase of new equipment (computers, monitors, printers etc). I have no allegiance to any particular company.
  • Purchase and/or setting up new equipment
  • Set up broadband connections including small networks or wireless connections
  • Teach you how to use the computer to do
    Mail merging
    Desktop publishing
    Graph plotting
    Using the Internet
    Web page design
    Presentation Graphics
    Shopping online
    Handling photos and digital cameras
  • Detect and remove viruses
  • Troubleshoot hardware problems